Continuum: Of skin tags and the future!

via [the loop]

The second season of Continuum is all about responsibility and how a decision made in one time period can affect in the future. Series star Rachel Nichols got first-hand experience in that premise when some off-season cosmetic surgery impacted the future of the hit sci-fi project.

“I’ve had this skin tag under my eye,” Nichols tells TV Guide Canada. “I decided to tie a string around it and take it off. I showed up for this season and said, ‘I got my mole removed,’ and [creator] Simon [Barry] said, ‘Oh, we’re going to have to digitally put it on you in all the flash forwards because those are the fans that we have.’”

“When it comes to the theme of responsibility, there is a scene in the second season about who people are in 2012 and who they become,” Nichols explains. “Is it right to pursue and punish them for who they will become, or [does Kiera] take who they are today and think that we can make changes so that they don’t turn out that way?”

Sunday’s return, “Second Chances,” is a densely-packed hour. It’s a short time after the events on the Season 1 finale, and Kiera is a lone wolf. Despite numerous attempts to get in touch with Alec (Erik Knudsen) and discuss his role in her being sent from 2077 to 2012, he’s not answering his phone. Choosing to work on her own rather than re-team with present-day Vancouver cop Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster), Kiera goes on a bit of a butt-kicking rampage against the city’s petty criminals.

Nichols describes this year as a “roller coaster” story-wise, and she’s right. The closing moments of “Second Chances” features a peek into 2077 that will leave fans reeling and asking questions. Just where is Simon Barry taking his cast of characters? Even Nichols isn’t sure.

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